Rowing Tips and Drills

Rowing is an activity that involves pushing a boat on water using oars. It has now evolved as a sport that is employed in Olympic and other racing games. Rowing is an excellent activity for losing weight, building muscles strength and adequate fitness. So, we can achieve full body workout by doing this activity continuously. But, for getting best results, it is necessary to perform this activity effectively by following useful tips and suggestions from other people. There are various rowing tips and drills for becoming an experienced rower and playing wonderfully in sports activities.

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Tips for Rowing

  • Rowing Stroke – It is necessary to choose a rowing stroke that you can do effectively. If anyone likes a particular rowing stroke, he should have proper information of how to do it for a great performance. The necessary information is an important tip for the rower, especially for the beginners.
  • Setting Damper – The damper setting depends on the rower and the ergometer. It is important to know the least resistance that is required for efficient rowing. Damper setting for a drag coefficient of 130 metres is needed for perfect pacing. The setting of the damper depends on the distance of rowing.
  • Speeding – The speed requires in rowing depends on the period, the rowing stroke and the person performing the activity. Thus, the normal stroke rate is achieved by a proper stroke that result in more pacing.
  • Use Legs For Rowing – Lot of athletes perform rowing without reaching legs extension. Legs are used in delivering an enormous amount of energy, which is required in the rowing stroke. Thus, using feet in rowing is a precious tip for accurate results.


  • Effective Grip – Do not hold on so hard to the handle. Keeping an enough grip which do not lose the handle and can not cause any ache or any tearing of palms is a good thing in rowing. Thus efficient rowing is achieved without any injury.
  • Proper Sequence – There is proper sequence of legs, hips and arms which is required in rowing. If there is any change in this course, rowing would not be effective. So it is necessary to follow the proper sequence for efficient rowing.
  • Keep Your Core Engaged – Do not shoot your back at any time. Always keep your core engaged during the complete stroke. Make a constant angle of your back while driving with the legs. Proper positioning during rowing is a great way for better performance.
  • Relax Your Elbows – Do not lift up or tuck your elbows at any position during the rowing. Keeping them relaxed at a particular angle and performing proper rowing stroke is a very useful tip. So, Try to perform rowing with relaxed position always.Read here to know more about workout on stationary bike .

Rowing Coaching Drills

    1. Use Your Legs And Back Only – In a regular rowing activity, ten strokes of legs & 10 strokes of legs, back and arms are performed. By using legs and back, you can change your position at any time you want to do.
    2. Avoid Handle Rowing – Move your legs to full compression and catch the place and continue rowing using feet only. By doing this, you can find a rhythm and so keep the rowing without using your hands.
    3. Inside Arm Rowing – In inside arm rowing, a rower is required to move inside arm further away down blade or onto the back of rigger. By doing this drill, you can perform rowing very efficiently.
    4. Single Stroke Finishing With Weight On The Feet – The amount of pressure in different positions of rowing depends on the body movements. By ending the pressure on the feet, you can make the double acute phase and perform better.

Rowing-machine-Concept-II                  5. Avoid Using Left Hand – From finish position hold the right hand against the body while extending                     your left hand and arms straights during the rowing. By doing this, the body swings quickly and catches                         the position easily which results in very efficient rowing.


Summing up, rowing is a fantastic activity for complete body workout and a very popular Olympic sport. Everyone wants to perform this action effectively so as to get the maximum from it. Thus, it is important to follow some rowing tips and drills that can make the activity an high activity.

How to Workout On A Stationary Bike

Simply Speaking a workout is a session of the physical exercise. A physical exercise is any activity by the body that is done to enhance the physical fitness and overall health of any human being. Physical exercise regularly done boosts the immune system and thus helps in preventing us from a different heart and cardiovascular diseases. So Working out becomes a necessary thing to keep us fit and away from problems like obesity. There are different ways of working out i.e. with the help of any vehicle or simply using your body for it. Now working out using a bike has become a very common thing.


For the workout, you just simply need a one stationary bike at home or in the gym. The bike can be of any considerable price but well maintained with proper working and can be easily accessible to others rooms as well. A bike is a safer machine for good exercise as compared to the treadmill and the cross-container because of the different advantages it offers.

 How to Use a Stationary Bike

As there are different varieties of a stationary bike like upright and recumbent, then it becomes necessary to know that how we should use this stationary bikes. Just follow these steps –

  1. Adjust your Seat
  2. Adust the pedal straps But don’t let them cut your circulation.
  3. Get to know the display panel.
  4. Don’t hunch over and pedal using only toes.

Tips for the Beginners


  • Select the model which suits you the most – As there are different models of the bike like Classic vertical bike, Reclined, and indoor bike depending upon the physical condition and the exercise you want to perform you should always prefer the model that comforts you more and suits your body as well.
  • Monitoring the Heart Rate –By regularly monitoring the heart rate will let you work in a safer environment for which your heart is used to work in.
  • Avoid Overexerting – Always try to avoid overexert yourself by keeping warming up and stretching yourself before a workout. Relax and start exercising. Read here to know more about ellipticals .

Do’s and Dont’s for a Safe Exercise 

  1. Always remember that you adjust the seat properly when you use a Bike. By doing this, you make your workout more comfortable.
  2. When you are using an indoor vertical bike, hold the handlebars of the machine and make sure that the leg is bent by 5/10 degrees in the lower position.
  3. On a reclined bike keep your both feet on the pedals, with one leg extended and forms an angle of 5/10 degrees
  4. Avoid exercising during some pain, dizziness or any injury as it can make your performance degradable.
  5. Do not try to workout on a bike that does not suits your health, weight, and your size.
  6. Do not try to do extra exercise that is far away from potential as it can give negative results.
  7. Try to exercise on an empty stomach which can prevent weight loss.
  8. Drink suitable amounts of water throughout the workout as the excess of it can result in different diseases.
  9. Avoid repeating the same exact workout everyday and everytime as this increases the risk of excessive injuries.
  10. Always Choose the right and the correct model for a controlled cardiovascular workout.
  11. Keep measuring your workout intensity regularly as it can make you aware that how to achieve the highest degree of cardiovascular efficiency.
  12. Relax and workout as per your needs.

The Various Benefits of using a bike consistently for Workout are –


  1. You can perform a cardiovascular workout that results in the very low impact on all your joints.
  2. It maximizes the lung capacity and stamina for day to day life.
  3. It lowers your blood pressure and make you less danger of falling with cardiovascular diseases and getting obese.
  4. It keeps your joints active spontaneously for a long period.
  5. It lets you burn tons of calories and make you free from fat.
  6. It helps you to prepare for competitive training events and thus makes your chances of performing better.
  7. The bike will help you to keep fit for a longer period and also make you relieve from everyday stress.


A Stationary bike is a very safe machine to workout and offers incredible benefits. To workout using this machine, it is necessary to follow different precautions and then use it accordingly.