Mountain Biking vs. Road Biking

There are all kinds of bikes on the market today. You will find mountain bikes, road bikes, race bikes and many more. For the indoor world, you will find, indoor cycles, recumbent bikes, upright bikes and spin bikes. Cycling has been around for a long time, but never have there been so many options so as to blind and confuse every thrill seeker, child and adult who simply wants to ride. It seems most people are so caught in looking for the best bike with all the “goodies” that they have forgotten the simple pleasure from driving around on a pair of wheels. There is simple nothing compared to the thrill and pleasure of riding a dirt track and having that cool breeze blow in our face while you get ready to back the next corner or land the next jump.

Mountain Biking vs. Road Biking

5 Reasons to Mountain Bike instead of Road Bike

1. Well, the big one has got to be the lack of traffic, cars and just white noise that obscures the beauty of the ride. On a trail, all there is you, the dirt, the sound of your wheels and the great outdoors. Sure you’ll get dirty, and you might even fall a couple times, but at least you won’t get run over by a speeding truck or car.

2. You won’t get bored. There are plenty of different styles and terrains to choose from and unless you’re a pro you don’t need 4 different bikes just to try them out. All-mountian, endure, cross-country, downhill, freeride; take your pick or stay on the road and watch the cars go by.

3. Nature at its best. Today there is all kinds of research which points out the benefits of spending a few hours every week in the nature. From enhanced perception and attention to greater emotional integrity, self esteem and confidence to just feeling better about oneself, there are a host of varying benefits from spending time outside. You get all this and more from mountain biking. You get to breathe fresh country air, bask in the beauty and fragrance of nature and explore new terrain and territory.

4. Get in a real intense workout. If your number reason for biking is to get in a great workout, no other form of biking will give you a better workout compared to mountain biking. The terrain has all your legs and core will ever need to get conditioned. The inclines alone might kill you, if you don’t pace yourself well. Mountain biking delivers a sort of interval training workout with periods of intense uphill and then resting downhill or level stretches where you can really stretch your legs and hit all the different muscles.

5. You’ll make great friends and meet enthusiastic people. Mountain bikers are not the competitive kind you’ll find on the road who are looking to get ahead of you. They’re people who want to have fun and simply ride to enjoy the ride. They’re in it for the experience, for the quiet and solitude, for the thrill, for nature, for the jumps and learn to get up every time they fall.  

How to Workout On A Stationary Bike

Simply Speaking a workout is a session of the physical exercise. A physical exercise is any activity by the body that is done to enhance the physical fitness and overall health of any human being. Physical exercise regularly done boosts the immune system and thus helps in preventing us from a different heart and cardiovascular diseases. So Working out becomes a necessary thing to keep us fit and away from problems like obesity. There are different ways of working out i.e. with the help of any vehicle or simply using your body for it. Now working out using a bike has become a very common thing.


For the workout, you just simply need a one stationary bike at home or in the gym. The bike can be of any considerable price but well maintained with proper working and can be easily accessible to others rooms as well. A bike is a safer machine for good exercise as compared to the treadmill and the cross-container because of the different advantages it offers.

 How to Use a Stationary Bike

As there are different varieties of a stationary bike like upright and recumbent, then it becomes necessary to know that how we should use this stationary bikes. Just follow these steps –

  1. Adjust your Seat
  2. Adust the pedal straps But don’t let them cut your circulation.
  3. Get to know the display panel.
  4. Don’t hunch over and pedal using only toes.

Tips for the Beginners


  • Select the model which suits you the most – As there are different models of the bike like Classic vertical bike, Reclined, and indoor bike depending upon the physical condition and the exercise you want to perform you should always prefer the model that comforts you more and suits your body as well.
  • Monitoring the Heart Rate –By regularly monitoring the heart rate will let you work in a safer environment for which your heart is used to work in.
  • Avoid Overexerting – Always try to avoid overexert yourself by keeping warming up and stretching yourself before a workout. Relax and start exercising. Read here to know more about ellipticals .

Do’s and Dont’s for a Safe Exercise 

  1. Always remember that you adjust the seat properly when you use a Bike. By doing this, you make your workout more comfortable.
  2. When you are using an indoor vertical bike, hold the handlebars of the machine and make sure that the leg is bent by 5/10 degrees in the lower position.
  3. On a reclined bike keep your both feet on the pedals, with one leg extended and forms an angle of 5/10 degrees
  4. Avoid exercising during some pain, dizziness or any injury as it can make your performance degradable.
  5. Do not try to workout on a bike that does not suits your health, weight, and your size.
  6. Do not try to do extra exercise that is far away from potential as it can give negative results.
  7. Try to exercise on an empty stomach which can prevent weight loss.
  8. Drink suitable amounts of water throughout the workout as the excess of it can result in different diseases.
  9. Avoid repeating the same exact workout everyday and everytime as this increases the risk of excessive injuries.
  10. Always Choose the right and the correct model for a controlled cardiovascular workout.
  11. Keep measuring your workout intensity regularly as it can make you aware that how to achieve the highest degree of cardiovascular efficiency.
  12. Relax and workout as per your needs.

The Various Benefits of using a bike consistently for Workout are –


  1. You can perform a cardiovascular workout that results in the very low impact on all your joints.
  2. It maximizes the lung capacity and stamina for day to day life.
  3. It lowers your blood pressure and make you less danger of falling with cardiovascular diseases and getting obese.
  4. It keeps your joints active spontaneously for a long period.
  5. It lets you burn tons of calories and make you free from fat.
  6. It helps you to prepare for competitive training events and thus makes your chances of performing better.
  7. The bike will help you to keep fit for a longer period and also make you relieve from everyday stress.


A Stationary bike is a very safe machine to workout and offers incredible benefits. To workout using this machine, it is necessary to follow different precautions and then use it accordingly.

What so great about Ellipticals

The unique design of the elliptical has your legs moving in an oval (elliptical) pattern while your arms move handles back and forth for a full body workout. This machine is extremely gentle on the joints, especially on the knees and is fairly simple to use. The elliptical machine has become one of the most popular cardio stations in health clubs and gyms.


The elliptical offers several physiological benefits:

Great Cardio Workout: One of the hall mark benefits that the elliptical machine offers is a great cardio workout. The machine works both the upper and lower body simultaneously, it quickly elevates the heart rate and strengthens the heart muscles.  As your heart rate increases, your metabolic rate also increases, which in turn causes your body to burn more calories and therefore lose more weight.

Low Impact: The machine is designed to offer low impact workouts –  there is no jarring motion and the motion is ideal for those who have had bad knee injuries, as well as hip, back or other joint problems. Also, with the elliptical trainer you don’t feel like you worked as hard as you really did. This pushes you to burn more calories without leaving you feeling like you pushed too hard.

Full Upper Body and Lower Body Workout: The dual motion of some machines allows you get a full lower and upper body workout without the slamming motion that other machines, such as the treadmill can cause to your joints. Working both your legs and arms, elevates your heart rate more quickly, which encourages your body to burn more calories more efficiently. When swinging your arms with every motion, you tone your arms, shoulders and back for better definition.


Muscle Strength and Conditioning: As a weight bearing machine, the elliptical machine improves your overall conditioning while strengthening your muscles. These machines work your muscles without over extending them. While the forward stride strengthens the large quadriceps  muscled on the front thigh, the backward motion stresses the hamstrings and glutes at the back of the thigh. Finally, the postion of your body while working out on the elliptical reduces the risk of injuries and prevents aggravating previous injuries to your knees or joints.

No Special Skills required: You don’te need any special skills to use this machine and anyone without any workout related skills can use this machine. While the pedals move in an oval motion, the handle bars help you workout out your upper body. Read here to know more about rowing tips and drills .

Effective of use of Time: The elliptical machine will help you get in an effective workout in a limited amount of time, so it is perfect for those who lead busy live and follow demanding work schedules. This efficiency also provides the incentive to workout and not skip days, so that stick to you routines and reap all the benefits.



Focusing on both the upper and lower body, the elliptical machine offers an efficient workout that will strengthen your muscles, help you burn stubborn calories and provide you with a fun and pleansent esperience that is easy on your joints and your body.