Mountain Biking vs. Road Biking

There are all kinds of bikes on the market today. You will find mountain bikes, road bikes, race bikes and many more. For the indoor world, you will find, indoor cycles, recumbent bikes, upright bikes and spin bikes. Cycling has been around for a long time, but never have there been so many options so as to blind and confuse every thrill seeker, child and adult who simply wants to ride. It seems most people are so caught in looking for the best bike with all the “goodies” that they have forgotten the simple pleasure from driving around on a pair of wheels. There is simple nothing compared to the thrill and pleasure of riding a dirt track and having that cool breeze blow in our face while you get ready to back the next corner or land the next jump.

Mountain Biking vs. Road Biking

5 Reasons to Mountain Bike instead of Road Bike

1. Well, the big one has got to be the lack of traffic, cars and just white noise that obscures the beauty of the ride. On a trail, all there is you, the dirt, the sound of your wheels and the great outdoors. Sure you’ll get dirty, and you might even fall a couple times, but at least you won’t get run over by a speeding truck or car.

2. You won’t get bored. There are plenty of different styles and terrains to choose from and unless you’re a pro you don’t need 4 different bikes just to try them out. All-mountian, endure, cross-country, downhill, freeride; take your pick or stay on the road and watch the cars go by.

3. Nature at its best. Today there is all kinds of research which points out the benefits of spending a few hours every week in the nature. From enhanced perception and attention to greater emotional integrity, self esteem and confidence to just feeling better about oneself, there are a host of varying benefits from spending time outside. You get all this and more from mountain biking. You get to breathe fresh country air, bask in the beauty and fragrance of nature and explore new terrain and territory.

4. Get in a real intense workout. If your number reason for biking is to get in a great workout, no other form of biking will give you a better workout compared to mountain biking. The terrain has all your legs and core will ever need to get conditioned. The inclines alone might kill you, if you don’t pace yourself well. Mountain biking delivers a sort of interval training workout with periods of intense uphill and then resting downhill or level stretches where you can really stretch your legs and hit all the different muscles.

5. You’ll make great friends and meet enthusiastic people. Mountain bikers are not the competitive kind you’ll find on the road who are looking to get ahead of you. They’re people who want to have fun and simply ride to enjoy the ride. They’re in it for the experience, for the quiet and solitude, for the thrill, for nature, for the jumps and learn to get up every time they fall.  

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